Media Duplicators

If you’re looking for something expensive, maybe for a company or something, I’ve something up my tiny little sleve. I bring forth the ImageMASSter 4008i Drive Duplicator Hard Drive Duplicator and Eraser. I’ve yet to wonder why I would want to buy this overly expensive device just to erase hard drives, but hey, its there for you. This machine, however, is a beasty when it comes to duplicating systems. Continue Reading

Planes & Wifi

Why hadn’t they thought of this idea sooner? I mean, come on, internet service on the airplane. Everytime I decide to go half way around the world, why shouldn’t I be accompanied with nearly more than 16 hours of plane ride with internet. I can check my email, update my resume, seek through endless youtube videos, or even read through engadget for a quick trick to slip. Continue Reading

Recovering Data (Yes, that Permanently Deleted Data, or so you think )

The computer gives you the following message? And what do you do? Yes, like every, you click yes, and by doing so, you throw down hours and hours of humiliation of trying to search the web for a decent and affordable program to get that file back.

Eh, Active@FileRecovery looks like your ordinary program, well, when it comes to data recovery anyways. So, you’ve been troubled with trying to find a file that you’ve deleted on accident. Ya know, you could’ve just left it in the trash, withouth permanently deleting it, and you wouldn’t have this problem.

But, now that you do, I offer you the following solution: Active@FileRecovery. Continue Reading

Recovering Partition Data

Partitions seem to get lost, corrupt, or be missed due to some common reasons like power failure, hardware corruption, unformidible system shutdowns, and viruses. I can imagine the amount of data lost due to such a common cause. The best way to prevent this worry is to back up.

Now, I do not have a Mac-user solution to a problem like this, but for those of you using Vista & XP, the solution is simple, under some circumstances. Continue Reading

Data Recovery in iPod

I can imagine many of you who still have your 1st Generation iPods. I can also imagine many of you who still have it laying around becuase you have bought yourself the lastest generation iPod, and don’t need the 1st gen. any more. Well, you should know that, like any mp3 player, the iPod is basically a storage device.

I’m sure you have the cable that still connects it to your computer, and this is all you need to use the device as storage or data recovery drive. Simply, plug it into your computer, go to my computer and clear all of the devices content. Then, re-format it so that the drive is given a completely new slate. Continue Reading

Toshiba 32GB Flash

I don’ know how many times we are going to see onboard flash memory being created, but all this tells us that we are one step closer to increasing the memory parameters, which, in turn, allows for data recovery efficiently.

The storage devices are intended for cellphones, PMP, video cameras, and other large amount storage media devices. This Japan-Based company will start offering samples of this flash memory in September only to bulk produce sometime during the fall.

Until then, we wait for SSD to decrease in price.

SSD & Recovery

Well, its not here just yet but we can verify that the future is coming closer. With the Micron SSD’s coming in 128GB and 250GB versions, we can’t necessarily hope for a reliable data recovery disc, but hey, you probably won’t be needing to use data recovery software if the hard drive never fails. Continue Reading

500Gb Blu-Ray Disc for Data-Back-Up

Toshiba never got to make the steps that Blu-ray disc did. After Sony productions bought out Paramount Productions to make all of its movies onto Blu-Ray discs, Pioneer has been up to more than just creating 30/50GB discs.

After extensive layers of burning, it has mounted up to 25 layers to make this 500GB disc work. Maybe if they make these discs consumer friendly products (cough* like the HD-DVD cough*), it might emanate to more than just a product that no one ever buys. Continue Reading

Future of Memory

Looking in your computer case to verify the hard drive is atleast 2.5 inches won’t be too hard. The only thing stopping you is your will. What is not stopped, however, is time and as it goes we will come to find flash cards & SSD emanating into the economy. With the volatitly and reliability, the best option (not right now, but for the future) is the flash card or the Solid State Disk. The various companies, (Scandisk, Canon, etc) have no problems producing these disks as they are the smallest in size and fastest in speed. Continue Reading

Free 2GB Online Data Backup

“The Cost of recovering a hard drive is almost $7500.” Take a deep breath if your taking a look at the website. A little more comforting, than losing the 7.5k, is that only 1 in every 10 computers’ hard drive fail every year. Well, just to make sure Continue Reading