Data Recovery Service

If you have reached this page, you probably have lost your data. Let me be the first to say that it stinks to be in this position. Fortunately, there are number of companies that are out there to help with your data recovery needs. But you need to be able to assess a few things about the company before you employ their services. This article will help you with the right questions to ask when you start looking for a data recovery service.

What is your turn around time?

The good ones can turn your data around within two days. A lot of data recovery service companies will try to over-promise in this regard. Push them on the turn around time. Don’t let them get their hands on your data if they are going to keep it for a week. Trust me, this is really painful. You can usually pay more for expedited service. It will tack on another $100/hour charge, but it may be worth it.

What is your hourly rate?

This should run you in the $150/hour range. It may run more or less depending on your locale. Also, as stated above, if you have opted for expedited service, it will probably cost you upwards of $250-$300/hour. Be very wary of low charging companies. This usually means that they have little or no expertise in this area. Do you want a complete amateur handling your data? I don’t!

Can you handle RAID?

Obviously, if you aren’t concerned about RAID, this won’t be a question for you. You need to know whether this is software RAID or hardware RAID.

Do you handle mail servers, database servers, etc.?

Some data recovery outfits only handle low level hard drive data recovery. Some are geared toward high end corporate needs. You need to make sure that they have expertise in this are before you entrust your data to them. If they give you a “beat around the bush” answer, move on.

What media do you support?

Is your media a flash device, a tape, or a floppy? And can this company handle recovery for that device medium? Don’t assume.

What file systems do you handle?

Again, if you’re using a Novell server, they need to have expertise in and support that file system.

How long have you been around?

This is an excellent question. You don’t want a brand new company, unless they are new company with veteran data recovery technicians. Ask them about their technicians if they are new or old. It’s a great question.