My Hard Drive is Clicking

Your hard drive is a precision instrument. Not only that, but it’s a precision instrument that is mechanical. That means that there are plenty of ways for it to fail. That is why I harp on backup strategies. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal computer, small business, or corporate giant. All of these have important data to back up. You probably have pictures and tax documents that need backing up. Small businesses have client documentation and financial data. Corporate giants have all that and more.

One of the most common complaints that I hear is that someone’s hard drive is making a “clicking” sound. Sometimes this presents itself in a long series of clicks. Other times it makes a large clunking sound and goes silent. This usually occurs along with other symptoms. Users find that copying files takes forever. Users may also get strange errors during the course of using the computer. In any case, when you hear a clicking sound coming from your hard drive, back up immediately. This is usually the sign of imminent hard drive failure.