Backup Blogger

Blogger doesn’t have a great and straight forward way to backup your posts. That is one of the major drawbacks on this blogging platform in my humble opinion. Nonetheless, Blogger allows for a super simple way for folks to blog. In any case, here are some ways that you can keep your posts if things go south.

Email Yourself

Blogger has the ability to send you a copy of your blog posts when you post them. You can find this setting in “Settings” and then “Email.” Here is bloggers take on it. Now, that’s great and all, but it’s a terrible solution if your whole blog goes south. How to restore? Yikes.

One Time Backup

Blogger also has detailed instructions for backing up your blog. I got through a paragraph of this thing before saying, “Gimme a break!” I think you will too. There is way too much to do here. And there’s too many ways to kill your blog in the process. And it’s not automated. And how do you restore it? Questions, questions.

URL Backup Method

Thanks to Googlesystem blog, I found a simple method to backup your blog to a HTML file. Now, you need to be on the new Blogger platform to do this, but just enter:

This shows your posts on one page. Save the page. Still, it’s not a great method.

Scrape Your Site

WebGrabber (Mac OSX) and HTTrack (Windows) give you a way to scrape your site and back it up. You can create multiple, incremental backups. This is a much simpler way to go. Give ‘er a go.

Blogger Backup Utility

Blogger backup is a stand alone program that allows you to backup your Blogger blog. Try it out.

Blog Collector

BlogCollector is an easy way to grab content from all your blogs. It can also roll your posts into a pdf document. Fabulous.

FTP Backup

You can also change your publishing options and change it to backup to FTP. If you have your own FTP server, you can just push it out there. Confused? Well, if you are – settle on a method above.

I hope that helps someone