Corsair 16GB Flash Drive

corsair-flash-voyager-16gb.jpgI’ve been hammering the blog visits lately. That’s been good because it’s great to read what others are writing. It also keeps you in tune with what people are having issues with and what is helpful. One of the issues that came up was backing up to USB flash drives. Now, back in the day (say, oh, a year ago), this used to be a non-solution. That’s because flash drives were only big enough to put, say, a word document on. Okay, so they were bigger than that, but the capacity increases have been incredible.

But now we have the ole’ Corsair 16 GB USB flash drive. Paul, did you say 16 GB. Um, yes I did. Now you can back up your important docs, your itunes collection, and have a boot operating system – all on one disk. Here’s the specs:

  • Plug & Play functionality in Windows® Vista, XP, 2000, ME, Linux 2.4 and later, Mac OS 9, X and later
  • Includes the True Crypt security application allowing for a virtual encrypted drive using AES-256 encryption (bundled version of TrueCrypt is compatible with Windows XP and 2000 only)
  • Lanyard, USB cable and driver CD included