Fixing Scratched CDs and DVDs Cheaply

They should employ kids to test any kind of software or hardware in my humble opinion. They should have them working at NASA, the FBI, Microsoft, Apple, etc. That’s because if ever there was a way to break something, kids will find it. Take optical disks for instance. It seems that kids and DVDs are a match made in hell. You give a child 2 minutes with a DVD and I will show you an unplayable DVD. If that does happen to you, here are some home remedies to fix those disks.

As strange as it may sound, go ahead and head to your bathroom when you have scratched CDs or DVDs. All you need is some toothpaste. Toothpaste is a mild abrasive that can do the trick very well. Now, put that toothpaste on a cotton swab and swab the scratched area. Heck, bring your kids in and teeth them how to brush their teeth while you’re at it.

But, if your kids really did a number on the CD or DVD, then you can use a metal polish.  I’ve heard of folks using jewelry polish to accomplish their task.  Others use a furniture polish like pledge.  Still others use silicone spray.  In this case, you want to spray a little – not a lot.  Spraying a lot onto the disk will make it unreadable.  If you do that, just wipe it off with something like glass cleaner and start over.   I’ve also heard that running a highlighter over the scratch can help.

Finally, I would probably try out a nifty program called IsoPuzzle.  IsoPuzzle attempts multiple reads to your kid calamity optical media in order to slowly piece it back together.  Unfortunately, this softare only supports data CDs and DVDs – not audio cds.