Linbox Rescue Server

linbox-rescue-server.gifThe Linbox Rescue Server is a really neat linux application that could save your tail.  This package is similar to another product that I posted about on my PaulTech called SpiceWorks.  SpiceWorks is a Windows based product while Linbox only runs on linux.  Linbox can monitor your various assets on the network, perform full system backups (think Norton Ghost), as well as run incremental type backups.  It also features remote control functionality.

Let’s take a brief look at the various functionality within Linbox:

System Backup (System Images)

LRS allows you to back up whole partitions of Windows and Linux boxes.  It utilizes PXE booting.  That means that the hard drive can be blank and it will commence the backup/restore procedure if the computer is set to boot from the NIC card.  This can also roll out an image onto many computers on one network.  Here are the various restore time estimates:

Operating system Size of datas Recovery times
Windows 9X 200 Mo 1 to 3 minutes
Windows Me 500 Mo 2 to 6 minutes
Windows NT et 2000 500 Mo 2 to 6 minutes
Windows XP 1,4 Go 10 minutes
Linux (ext 2, ext3, ReiserFS) Variable Variable

The following filesystems are supported:

  • fat16 (dos)
  • fat32 (Windows 3.x to Windows Me)
  • NTFS (Windows NT to Windows Server 2003, base partitions, mirror excluding raid software)
  • linux ext2 and ext3
  • linux reiserfs
  • linux swap.

File Backups

  • Regular backup of user’s files for PCs under GNU/Linux or Windows,
  • no software installed on the client,
  • optimization of the space used on the server by replacing files doubloons on a PC or between 2 PCs by a hard link,
  • web administration interface,
  • recovery of backed up files through a web interface,
  • backup on hard disk, thus, immediacy of data recovery.

LRS compares the files on the computers and backs up ones that have changed.

If I remember correctly, all this functionality is free to a pure *nix network.  I think you have to buy a key to unlock the functions for Windows, however.

Here’s a screenshot from the inventory management module: