Solid State Hard Drives Hitting Mainstream


Well, all I have to say is, “About freakin’ time!” Hard drives are just slow and prone to disastrous crashes. I’ve heard that a laptop with a solid state drive can load Windows Vista in under 30 seconds. Now, that is amazing ;^) We have seen some entries into laptops for SSD’s (solid state drives). And now we’re starting to see them in desktops too. I think the tide is finally turning on flash hard drives.

Alienware has been offering SSD drives to their laptops already. Now they are adding this option to their desktop lines. Their ALX lines are now giving you the option to add 2 64GB SATA SSD’s. Of course, that kind of new technology won’t come cheap – at $1700. Doh! If you add 32GB SSD on a laptop, it will cost you $500 more. Now were starting to get there.

Why would you want an SSD? Well, let’s just look at access time for starters. SSD’s are about 100 times faster than typical hard drives. The magnetic hard drive has been the bottleneck of computer systems for some time now. And SSD makers are rolling out new OEM solutions, like SanDisk’s SSD Ultra320 Wide SCSI.

But currently, these drives are just too expensive. I looked for solid state drives on ebay. They had a SanDisk UATA 5000 1.8″ 32GB Solid State Hard Drive going for $300. And that had 2 days left. But, just give it a year. As more and more manufacturers start making the shift, you will see the cost on these plummet, just like you did on external flash drives.