Clone Genius Vies for Ghost Replacement

I recently came across an interesting site called Clone Genius.  The software features a Live CD.  A Live CD is just a CD that will boot your computer.  But to get the Live CD, you have to burn an .iso file.  An .iso file is simply an image file.  But many folks have no idea what to do with an .iso file.  First things first, go get this free software to burn iso images.  Then download the Clone Genius software.  Right click on the image file and select “copy image to CD.”  This will get the Clone Genius software on the CD and it will be bootable.  Now, clone genius can now boot and copy your hard drive to a secondary drive or flash drive.  You need a second drive or Clone Genius won’t work.

Here are the key features of Clone Genius:

key feature Clone Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista
key feature From disk to disk, partition to partition Clone or Recover any format of data: MP3, Video, and Picture…
key feature Supports IDE, SATA, SCSI and USB interfaces
key feature Backup the operation system and restore it in the event of a fatal system crash or virus attack
key feature Automatically scan the selected hard drive for recoverable files within minutes
key feature Backup the entire disk or partition and restore it in the event of a hardware trouble or careless deletion.
key feature Works with a wide range of hard drives and removable media, including USB drives.
key feature Most intuitive backup software ever. Extremely user-friendly and very easy to use.
key feature Extremely compact, fast and reliable.
key feature Offered completely for FREE

Now, this is not an automated backup utility.  This is imaging software, like Norton Ghost.  But, if you want to move an entire drive to another one, this would do great.  Also, if you wanted to occassionally get a snapshot of your system, then this would also do the trick.  I tested it with an external USB drive and it worked pretty well.  And you can’t beat free!


Source: Clone Genius