Free Mac Backup


I have numerous friends who are Mac addicts (sorry, couldn’t resist the pic!). Yep, they’ve gulped down the Apple juice. But one consistent feature of most computer users is that they do not backup their data. There’s no shame in it – just pain. Think about the pain of losing all those pictures, documents, presentations, contacts, emails, etc. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen. Murphy likes to come calling – and calling right when you can’t have him calling. Remember the last time you lost something on a computer because you didn’t back it up? For most of us, there was the school paper or business presentation. For love of your Mac – back it up…for free! Okay, now you have no excuse.

iBackup – “iBackup supports scheduled backups of files, folders and applications. Further, it uses plugins to backup your settings like the dock, deskop picture, time, firewall, bluetooth and other system preferences. It is also able to backup Application Settings
You can add, delete and edit these plugins.”

PSyncX – “This application, based on the command-line utility psync, is designed to allow novice computer users to backup either one part of their hard drive or the entire hard drive to another computer. In addition, it allows users to schedule backups.”

Rsync-Backup – “rsyncbackup is a perlscript that reads configuration files for sources and destinations, and feeds the rsync tool with the appropriate parameters. rsyncbackup is written on Mac OS X, but will probably work on every system that have both perl and rsync installed. rsyncbackup is GPL licenced. I wrote this script for personal use, but since backuping is such a good idea, maybe you want to use my script as well. Feel free to do so.”

RsyncX – “RsyncXCD_v2.1 has been released. It is based on the latest release of bootCD. This CD allows you to pull down from your network server a loadset image folder to a machine that has only its hard drive and CDROM as possible boot sources. This CD will let you connect to your server as an Mac OS X client, and cleanly install your image folder onto a volume that later you will boot from. For best results with older machines, burning at 4x or slower speeds is recommended.”

SilverKeeper – “SilverKeeper is a freeware application from LaCie that automates backups to external storage devices like hard drives, and other removable storage devices that have IDE, ATA/ATAPI, SCSI, USB, or FireWire interfaces. SilverKeeper is compatible with OS 9.2.2, OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.9, and OS X 10.4.x up to and including 10.4.10. This includes the PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh computers.”