Fusion IO Massive 640GB SAN PCI Storage


NAND storage is making a real push into enterprise and consumer markets.  Fusion IO is an interesting company that is aiming that type of technology at the SAN, or storage area network, space.  A SAN is a “specialized network that enables fast, reliable access among servers and external or independent storage resources.” (Source: NetworkWorld)  The main concern on a SAN, besides redundancy and disaster recovery, is sheer performance.

Fusion IO will give unparalleled performance to SANs.  Look at the following charts:




Those are some impressive numbers.  They are talking about performance that is 200 times better than standard SAN storage.  And they have current storage rates per card up to 640GB.  I’m sure that will increase.  And the cost will also be decreasing in the next few years.  Current cost is around $30/Gig.  While that may sound high to consumers, enterprise SAN storage can cost anywhere from $35-$50/Gig.