MySql Innodb Recovery Kit

Just a quick note to point you to this interesting new project release.  It’s an Innodb MySQL recovery toolkit.  Here are the procedures, via the howto:

  1. Split your tablespace to pages with page_parser
  2. Find your index_id values of a primary indexes for your pages.
  3. Take one page from your most valuable table directory.
  4. Create table definition for this table (automatically with or manually).
  5. Try to recover some data from this one page file in debug mode.
  6. If no data was recovered, check your table_defs.h file and try again.
  7. If everything worked fine, try to run constraints_parser in normal (non-debug) mode and check your data.
  8. If data looks ok, then get all pages from your table’s directory, concatenate them (cat *.page > pages) and try to recover all your table’s data.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 for all tables you need.