Iomega Never Down Ships with eSata Drives


Nestled into the behemoth drive package details is a nice, new feature.  Today, Iomega announced that it will start shipping what it calls “Never Down.”

From Iomega’s Press Release:

‘Iomega’s Never Down software is changing people’s thinking about backups for the home office and small business systems,’ continued Wharton. ‘Other backup programs are like an insurance policy that helps you rebuild your home or your office after a disaster, but those backup programs take time and you never really know how well you’re protected. Never Down software is like having another house or office. You can actually run your system from your backup drive; you don’t have to interrupt your work while you wait for a PC repair.’

Unlike a RAID 1 setup, where all data is copied to two drives at once (a process known as mirroring), Never Down creates backup copies manually or through Microsoft’s Scheduled Task Wizard. The advantage for Never Down users is that they can always revert back to their last intact backup copy and continue their work, whereas viruses and hacker attacks can disable both drives in a RAID 1 array simultaneously.

And here are the eSata 750GB specs:

  • eSATA transfer rate up to 3000 Mbits/s
  • USB 2.0 transfer rate up to 480 Mbits/s
  • Rotational speed 7200 RPM
  • Buffer size 8MB or greater
  • Includes EMC® Retrospect® Express Software
  • One-year limited warranty