Samsung Announces 128GB SSD at CES


Not to be outdone by, er, itself, Samsung announced a 128GB of its solid state drive (SSD) at the 2008 CES in Las Vegas.  The announcement propels SSD as a very viable alternative to standard hard drives – one of the biggest fault components on a computer.

“Samsung’s 128GB SSDs will be available in a thin-standard 1.8-inch version that is five millimeters thick, to spur the design of thinner ultra-mobile PCs, in addition to a conventional 1.8-inch version for mobile consumer applications and a 2.5-inch version for standard-sized notebooks.

Featuring a 3.0 gigabit-per-second SATA II interface, the new 128GB SSD uses native command queuing and spread-spectrum clocking to add to its higher performance levels. It also features device/host-initiated power management for an exceptionally low power consumption level of 0.5W in active mode.”

There was no word on initial pricing for the models, though I’m sure it will be pricey.  But, hey, that will lower the 64GB model pricing!  I think I will have to get a SSD on my next laptop.

Source: Samsung