E-Disk Altima 2.5 416GB SSD Drive


Egads, that’s a whole lot of data to cram onto a 2.5 inch drive. The drive will not be available until May of this year. Here are the product highlights:

Increased High Speed Networking

a Operating System Independent
a From 30-100 usec Access Time
a Up to 20,000 IOPS I/O Rate

Facilitate Quick Data Transfers

a Up to 100 MB/sec Sustained Rates
a 133 MB/sec Burst Rate

Highest Storage Capacities

a 2.5-inch: 64 GB at 8.5mm
a Up to 416 GB


a EMI – CE, FCC, VCCI and AS/NZS Regulations
a Safety – TV and UL
a RoHS – EU RoHS 2002/95/EC,
China RoHS SJ/T 11363-2006

Unparalleled Operating Performance

a Pure Solid State/Non-Volatile
a 1500 Gs Operating Shock
a MTBF – 2 Million Hours
a – 40 to + 85 degrees C
a 120,000 feet Altitude

Industry Standard ATA Interface

a No Device Driver Required
a IDE to UDMA 133 Support
a Completely Bootable

Data Security Features

a DataSentinel
a Patented PowerGuard®
a Patented securErase®
a Proprietary Write Protect