ClickFree Backup Device Eases Process

One of the really frustrating things about backup is the complexity.  Now, if you work with typical end users a lot, you will understand why most don’t back up their data.  It has to do with ease, convenience, and cost.  ClickFree is trying to solve that dilemma with a great little device that handles everything for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not the silver bullet.  But, for most home users, this little device could be just what they need.  Sure, it isn’t an off-site backup, but it will do for most data loss situations.  The device holds software with a database of user data files.  That means that you plug it in and let it do its stuff.  That’s it.  No configuration, no fuss, etc.  It’s a $149 120GB external drive that should take care of most people’s needs, unless they are a media fiend.  Here’s Clickfree’s CEO Bryan McLeod (he looks like Ben Stiller to me):

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