Rev 560GB Native Autoloader Backup


Small to mid sized businesses will probably take a look at a solution like this. The autoloader allows for up to 8 70GB Rev drives to be loaded up. And the slots allow you to take the drives off site if you want.  Now you can cycle through a weekly backup scheme with ease.


Drive attributes

o Eight (8) slot autoloader
o Fully loaded autoloader: Native – 560GB, Compressed – Up to 1.12TB (up to 2:1 compression using CA ARCServe software compression.) Note: Compression is software and data dependent.

Interface/connection type:
o One USB (1.1 & 2.0 compatible. USB 2.0 required to achieve maximum speed)
o What is USB?

Power requirements:
o Input: 100-240 +/-10%VAC, 0.3A – 50-60+/- 10% Hz (wide range)
o Output: 5V, 2A (max)

Included Cable:
o One (1) 3ft (1m) standard USB cable.

o Drive: 4.10 lbs.(1.8 kg)
o Disk: 2.58 ounces (73 grams)

Dimensions (L x W x H):
o Drive: 11.0 in x 5.25 in x 6.75 in (28cm x 13cm x 18cm)
o Disk: 2.95 in x 3.03 in x 0.39 in (75mm x 77mm x 10mm)

o Bytes per Sector: 2,048
o User Logical Sectors: 34,186,688
o Track Density (normal): 145,000 tracks/inch
o Linear Density (max): 812,000 bits/inch
o Areal Density (max): 117.74 Gigabits/square inch
o Number of Heads: 2
o Head Type: TUMR
o Number of Disks: 1
o Substrate Type: Smooth Glass disk
o Servo: Embedded
o Zones: 18
o Data Recording Method (coding): 48/50 Modified E²PRML


Seek time:
o Minimum (single track): 2.5 ms (read), 3.0 ms (write)
o Average: 12 ms (read), 13 ms (write)
o Maximum: 25 ms

o 7.1 ms

Spindle Speed:
o 4200 rpm

Disk Load Times:
o Power ON to ready: <20sec for normal operation
o Cartridge Loading: <4 sec
o Cartridge Unloading: <4 sec

Native Drive Transfer Rate (USB 2.0):

Note: Actual speeds may be limited by the bus type — for instance, the transfer rate of many USB 2.0 host controller chips do not exceed 15 MBytes/second.
o Burst (USB 2.0): 60 MB/sec
o Max. Data Transfer Rate (outer disk): 25 MB/sec
o Max. Data Transfer Rate (inner disk): 12.5 MB/sec

Reliability and Service

o 400,000 hours

Unrecoverable Data Error Rate:
o (projected) 1 error in 10^15 bits transferred

Cartridge Shelf Life:
o >30 years

Operating conditions

o Ambient Operating Environment (non-condensing): 0 to 45 degrees C. (32 to 113 degrees F)
o Ambient Non-operating Environment: -40 to 60 degrees C. (-40 to 140 degrees F)
o Max Temperature Gradient: 10 degrees C. per hour (50 degress F. per hour)

o Ambient Operating Humidity (non-condensing): 20 to 80% R.H.

o Operating Reads/Writes: 0.21 g (zero to peak; 5-500 Hz)
o Non-operating Disk: 2.5 g (zero to peak; 5-500 Hz)
o Non-operating Autoloader: 2.1 g (zero to peak; 3-500 Hz)

o Operating:
o Table top; vertical and horizontal: 11ms @ 10G half sine.

o Non-operating:
o Non-operating sine wave shock: Table top: 3axis +/- Vertical: 100G with pulse duration of 3 ms or less. Horizontal: 100G with pulse duration of 3 ms or less
o Typical Cartridge Drop (outside of case): up to 1.22 meters (48 inches) onto commercial grade carpet
o Cartridge Drop (inside of case): up to 1.52 meters (60 inches) onto hard floor

o Operating: 0 to 3,048 meters (10,000 feet)
o Non-operating: 0 to 12,192 meters (40,000 feet)

Additional Features

o Advanced air filtration, automatic head cleaning, and robust two-stage error correction to ensure high data integrity and reliability
o Drive letter access
o Bootability (from loaded media – computer must support booting from USB devices)
o Automatic sector reallocation
o Adaptive power save control
o MMC-4 multi-media command set