iPod and iPhone Data Recovery


With the advent of mobile devices that store ridiculous amounts of data, loss of data has become a big problem. Unfortunately, most people tend to dump loads of information on these devices and not have a backup. Of course, Murphy comes calling when folks do that and BAM, you start receiving error messages, like these on the iPhone:

  • “please connect to itunes” while restoring
  • “unknown error message (6)” on connecting with itunes
  • Error message while syncing iPhone after Leopard Upgrade to 10.5.2 : “The application Apple Mobile Sync quit unexpectedly”
  • “Error invalid number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code,” while sending mails
  • There’s the very unlikely possibility that during that restore attempt you’ll see this error message: “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred. Error 1603.”
  • “Activate iPhone- connect to iTunes” while installing iActivator
  • “repair is needed and this phone cannot receive or send calls” when you turn on your iPhone
  • “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because of an unknown error occurred (OXE000001)” on connecting to itunes
  • “Error 1603.” When you try to restore your iPhone,
  • “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred. Error 1603” while restoring using restore option in iPhone
  • “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred.” followed by an error code 1601 or 1602, When trying to restore your iPhone in iTunes

When that happens, you should start thinking data recovery because your data just went south. Fret not, you may still be able to recover that Homer Simpson ring tone.
First, and this is really important: Do not start copying files to your iPhone or iPod. And do not format the drive.

You see, the data may still be there, but the system just may be confused on how to retrieve that data. The less you mess with the files before recovery, the better you will be. Now, here are two products that may be able to save your proverbial hiney:

PodSalvage – ”

PodSalvage is an extremely powerful Macintosh application for exploring and recovering deleted media files from a drive or volume, such as an iPod. PodSalvage is designed to restore files that have:

  • been accidentally deleted.
  • become unreadable due to media faults.
  • stored on a drive before it was re-initialized/formatted.”

Once you grab the files you need, it’s a good idea to restore your iPhone. You do this by entering recovery mode:

  • Disconnect your iPhone from your Mac or Windows computer
  • Press and hold the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously for about 20-30 seconds, until you see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the middle accompanied by the text “Please Connect to iTunes.”
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes if it does not automatically launch.

Follow the prompts to restore your iPhone.  There is a similar feature for your iPod within iTunes.  That’s helpful.  Remember, when in doubt, grab your files that you need off of the device without writing new files to the device.  Then restore the device to make sure when you put the data back, that it’s not mangled again.