SugarSync Online Syncing App

sugarsync.jpgI was recently messing around with some linux data utilities and they are really cool.  But I realize that most people don’t want to mess around with those kind of things.  They want simple and easy.  And they want access to their stuff from wherever.  That’s the result of a modern lifestyle.  So, why not kill 2 birds with one stone?  SugarSync allows you to seemlessly sync your mobile phone, PC, and Mac.

SugarSync is great because you don’t have to do anything.  You install the software, tell it what to monitor, and go about your business.  When you change something within those monitored folders/locations, SugarSync makes the changes across your machines and/or mobile devices.  If those devices aren’t online at the time, SugarSync will do it the next time they are online.  Pretty neat.

It looks like they have the app for PC, Mac (beta as of this writing), Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.  I’m sure they are working on more.  SugarSync uses 128-bit AES encryption.  It also comes with a public website for your files.  And yes, it’s password protected so only you can get to it.  The cool thing is that you can access stuff from that site if you are at a remote location.  This would also be good if you had photos you wanted to show family and/or friends.  SugarSync has a pretty good photo display method.

Here are their pricing plans:

Sync Files across PC, Mac and Mobile Phone

Free Trial: 10GB for 45 Days

Experience everything SugarSync has to offer absolutely free. No credit card required.
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Remote File Access from any Mobile

Starter Plan: 10GB

$2.49 Monthly
$24.99 Yearly
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Sync Files across PC, Mac and Mobile Phone

Basic Plan: 30GB

$4.99 Monthly
$49.99 Yearly
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Perform Online Data Backup Storage

Premium Plan: 60GB

$9.99 Monthly
$99.99 Yearly
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Sync File PC Access from Mobile Phone

Professional Plan: 100GB

$14.99 Monthly
$149.99 Yearly
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Perform Online Data Backup Storage

Business Plan: 250GB

$24.99 Monthly
$249.99 Yearly
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