MySQlDumper MySQL Database Backup Script

mysqldumper-logo.jpgYour database is the life of your dynamic website. If you lose the database, you are basically hosed. Sure, losing the actual content files can work the same way, depending on the type of site you have. MySQLDumper gives you an easy way to keep a backup of that all-important mysql database.

This app is pretty nice, complete with a web interface.  Here are the list of features:

  • Multilingual
  • Backup and restore of MySQL-Databases
  • Automatic sending of backups via Email or FTP
  • Automatic deleting of backups on the server following your own rules
  • Using a Perl script as a Cronjob
  • Administration and manipulation of databases
  • Backup of database-structures (without data)
  • Backup and restore of tables
  • Protecting your backup via “.htaccess file”
  • Reveals PHP , MySQL version and configuration details and more…!
  • Easy installation
  • Easy operating
  • Multipart-Backup for very large databases
  • Multi-database-Backup!