Western Digital Veliciraptor

 Take a look at the benchmarks if you dont’ believe me. I’d have to say that the numbers are decently efficient. Being one of the proud owners of the Veliciraptor, I’m definitely going ascertain that having this as a boot-up drive serves is purpose. As many people have been led to believe, the HD is inadverdently a quiet one. Who thought that a 2.5 HD would be a good one for a computer slot for a 3.5 HD.  While this is not going to out-compete the SSD’s that are out there, it is definitely one that you can afford. Relatively speaking of course, SSD are almost 3-5 times the cost of hard drives. We just have to wait until those SSD go down in price.

 I can say with assurance that the read/write times are efficiently faster than my other Seagate 500GB hard drive. Being one who carries around 500MB files (such as movies), the transfer rate to the Veliciraptor is exactly what I need. Aside from this, the seeking times make is so that I can literally archive any folder on the hard drive for easy browsing whenever I choose necessary.

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