Mr. Freeze

Sitting near the foot of my computer case lies a Maxtor 80GB Hard Drive IDE. Unfortunately, it has been out of use since I took apart the Sony Vaio we had in 2001.

So, the rumor humor is that the solution to a corrupted hard drive is to … [Link after the break] FREEZE it. Of course, go here if you don’t believe me yourself. Well, before you go ahead and spend your time thinking that all is going to be well once you get your hard drive working, I’ll just go ahead and tell ya that its not worth it.

Putting what the blog has in a bumper sticker, the savy-techy person to try this resolution only ended up using his hard drive for about 2 minutes when he charged it for 2 hours, and 20 minutes when he charged it for an entire 24 hours.

Put your time into it if you want, have faith, but just keep in mind that what is offered is not a guarantee, nor am I saying that you will get any data back. But hey, try if you want.

Take your hard drive and put it in the freezer, making sure you don’t drop it on the floor on your way there.

I’m going to take a big guess here and say that freezing the hard drive simply constricts parts of the system. Once everything is comparted together, the data transfer is better, (I think), and hence, the hard drive works!

Viola. Enjoy it, link here again.