500Gb Blu-Ray Disc for Data-Back-Up

Toshiba never got to make the steps that Blu-ray disc did. After Sony productions bought out Paramount Productions to make all of its movies onto Blu-Ray discs, Pioneer has been up to more than just creating 30/50GB discs.

After extensive layers of burning, it has mounted up to 25 layers to make this 500GB disc work. Maybe if they make these discs consumer friendly products (cough* like the HD-DVD cough*), it might emanate to more than just a product that no one ever buys.

Imagine this for data-recovery: it will be able to extensively back up the hard drive that you currently run from. Most people don’t have more than 120GB hard drives, but for those who do, maybe the disc will be profitable for both. Take all of your movies, games, music, computer software, and shove it all into ONE disc.

Can’t stress that part enough, one disc compared to the 10s of discs that you have to store movies on now.

Uh-Oh, I just hope that when I put it on the counter, it doesn’t scratch out anything. I would hate losing all the data, and unrecoverable data too. Its not worth it if I have to take more care of this disc than just keeping my Hard drive clean and working.

Oh… did I mention watching movies in 2160-Progressive (MORE HD anyone) ?