Data Recovery in iPod

I can imagine many of you who still have your 1st Generation iPods. I can also imagine many of you who still have it laying around becuase you have bought yourself the lastest generation iPod, and don’t need the 1st gen. any more. Well, you should know that, like any mp3 player, the iPod is basically a storage device.

I’m sure you have the cable that still connects it to your computer, and this is all you need to use the device as storage or data recovery drive. Simply, plug it into your computer, go to my computer and clear all of the devices content. Then, re-format it so that the drive is given a completely new slate.

Now that you have done this, all is well. Now you just need to go to your data recovery program and set the location of your recovery to your iPod. (It will now be a local drive such as drive I: or something to this accord)

The best part about this kind of data recovery is that the iPods are decently reliable. I’ve had my iPod for about 3 years now, and not once have I had a reading failure.

So there it is, I’ll put this up on the table and walk away. The rest is up to you: take it or leave it.