Planes & Wifi

Why hadn’t they thought of this idea sooner? I mean, come on, internet service on the airplane. Everytime I decide to go half way around the world, why shouldn’t I be accompanied with nearly more than 16 hours of plane ride with internet. I can check my email, update my resume, seek through endless youtube videos, or even read through engadget for a quick trick to slip.

News to you, American Airlines plans on taking that step foward by providing this service. Airtell will undoubteld charge you $12.95 for this service, what great gifts? So, whats the take on this?

I say no to you Airtell. Do you know why? Well, here is my 2 cents: In about a year from now, I can imagine that all airlines will have this WIFI service, and yet they will all charge us this $12.95, some less, and some substantially more. But all in all, we can definitely afford to wait another few years, and then viola: all of my work, or lack of work is done. WIFI is free on the planes, just like it is in nearby coffee shops, and many libraries around you. What else? Well, American Airlines has taken this step, we wait for you Northwest, United, etc.