Mr. Freeze

Sitting near the foot of my computer case lies a Maxtor 80GB Hard Drive IDE. Unfortunately, it has been out of use since I took apart the Sony Vaio we had in 2001.

So, the rumor humor is that the solution to a corrupted hard drive is to … [Link after the break] Continue Reading

Data Backup – Movies – AVI 2 DVD Converting Backup

So you have all of those .AVI movies just piling up in that extra hard drive that you bought, and you thought that it would be enough? Well, see that program up there? Well, its all for you. Sure, you could save all of the movies you have on a dics, but you would never be able to watch those movies on your more-than-expensive dvd player. I’m well-informed that Rapidshare can provide this program. Link after the break. Continue Reading

3 Easy Steps to Installing a SATA Hard-Drive

So, not all of us are into buying a new hard drive when our old one is all filled up with the numerous movies and songs that some of us illegally download. Usually, we just burn the stuff that we are not currently using onto a disc and leave it at that. But hey, not all of us take that option, now do we? Some of us actually like to buy hard drives with a lower seek time and more memory. For those of you who know may not now that much about building a computer, here’s a little advise: Buy a SATA Hard-Drive instead of a IDE Hard drive. Why? Well, for one, the ribbon that comes with your IDE Hard drive is decently fat. It constricts a lot of the air flow that is good for the computer, thus, slowing down your computer.

However, if you get a SATA HD, then this problem no longer exists and your set. One other good thing about the SATA HD are that they are hot-swappable. What I mean by this, is that, you can simply hook up your HD into the computer, and it doesnt require a restart to show up on your Hard-Drive manager in Vista. (BTW, since most general systems are VISTA these days, I’m going to default by giving instructions for that.)

From personal experience, I used to have a IDE HD, and I found it slower than my SATA which were both bought at the same time. Since experiences can be different, I’ll leave that decision up to you.

Anyways, lets move on to the actual installation of the Hard Drive: Continue Reading

Western Digital Veliciraptor

 Take a look at the benchmarks if you dont’ believe me. I’d have to say that the numbers are decently efficient. Being one of the proud owners of the Veliciraptor, I’m definitely going ascertain that having this as a boot-up drive serves is purpose. As many people have been led to believe, the HD is inadverdently a quiet one. Continue Reading

Hello World!

Say hello to your new writer for data-technology. I’ll do my best to keep up with the latest data technologies, and without doubt, it will be a dubious experience. I hope you join me when I show you how to use some of the data management programs available for free on the internet, as well as those programs that are not so free. (Although, I’ll make sure you find your way around that.) With the internet being such a vast place, I assure that each post is as clear as possible, and as you know, comments are more than appreciated.

Although not all of the hard drives and data techs are not available to me, I do have some room to play around, and I’ll do my best to present these in a manner that is both clear and helpful in whatever task that is presented to you. Dont always expect data-techs post, because we all know that a little variety will do all us a good favor. Every once in a while, I’ll post an album of an artist that I like and provide a link to the album. Or perhaps, I’ll just share with you something that is interesting to hear about while I have my expereinces with my computer.

I should have you know that I just built my own computer not to long ago, so I’m learning things that I’ve never heard of, and its been fun. I’ll post some interesting things that will help you with your computer if you are having problems, as well as many different things that you can buy for your PCI slots. So, join me in the adventure that lasts as long as you want it to.



MySQlDumper MySQL Database Backup Script

mysqldumper-logo.jpgYour database is the life of your dynamic website. If you lose the database, you are basically hosed. Sure, losing the actual content files can work the same way, depending on the type of site you have. MySQLDumper gives you an easy way to keep a backup of that all-important mysql database.

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Smart Recovery Free Memory Card Recovery

Removable memory cards are becoming increasing popular.  And with that popularity comes the unwanted data loss on those drives.  PC Inspector’s Smart Recovery allows you to reclaim those videos, photos, or audio files with ease.

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Undelete Plus Free File Recovery


Have you ever accidentally deleted a file that you needed?  Man, that’s painful.  And it always seems to be that document that you need in 10 minutes for a meeting.  You know, the power point presentation that took you a week to compile.  Undelete Plus can help you recover that deleted file, even if it’s been permanently deleted from the recycle bin.

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PCMover Moves Software and All


One of the momentous pains of getting a new computer is migrating to it.  Data migration sucks.  You have all your old documents, pictures, music, and programs.  Well, typically, you try to move them manually.  Or, you can use Microsoft’s Files and Setting Migration Wizard.  But you’re still stuck with setting up all your old programs.  What a pain.  Laplink (remember that old company!) has a product called PCMover that does all that for you!  Oh, and it works with Vista too.

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Macrium Reflect Free Imaging Software

Here’s another free disk imaging software alternative.  Macrium Reflect is a slick Windows application to create backup images for your XP or Vista machine.  Now, this runs in Windows so the user interface is nice and easy to use.  And it also includes scheduled backups to local, network, or optical drives.

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