Magical JellyBean Free Product Key Retriever

mjb_multicolor_logo_white_b.jpgOne of the biggest pains with software is product keys. I hate entering those stupid things. But the worst thing is when you lose your product keys. This makes your software CDs coasters. So,why not back up your product keys as well?  It will save you a lot of heartache down the road.  Well, Magical JellyBean allows you to retrieve those Microsoft Office or Windows Keys for safekeeping.  Btw, it retrieves tons of product codes, not just M$ products.
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The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

From time to time I have need to work with some clients remotely on some data issues. I won’t go into it, but we simply couldn’t boot one client’s machine. So, I headed over to the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows to test drive it. Now, mind you, I had never used this app or installed it. And I was able to talk this client through the install on the phone and boot from the CD. Let’s take a look at this impressive Live CD.

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SugarSync Online Syncing App

sugarsync.jpgI was recently messing around with some linux data utilities and they are really cool.  But I realize that most people don’t want to mess around with those kind of things.  They want simple and easy.  And they want access to their stuff from wherever.  That’s the result of a modern lifestyle.  So, why not kill 2 birds with one stone?  SugarSync allows you to seemlessly sync your mobile phone, PC, and Mac.

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MemoRight Blazing Fast SSD Drive


All signs point to the slow demise of traditional magnetic, physically driven hard drives. The reason is that SSDs are incredibly fast, quiet, and power efficient. The only things that are barriers right now are cost and capacity. But the capacities are edging up and the cost is slowly going down. There will be a price point soon that will really accelerate that cost factor being driven down. MemoRight has put out a blazing fast 128GB 3.5 SSD that will help that evolution occur.
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Zoogmo Free Peer to Peer Distributed Backups


This is something that has been in my mind for a while. The internet is a great place to do distributed, node processing. Heck, it’s how the internet works! I have thought for a while now that backups could be leverage that nodal framework. But, there are inherent issues in that. Zoogmo has come along with a very cool peer to peer backup technique that you should check out.

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Windows Live Foldershare

One of the major pains of technology these days is moving data around.  There are many ways around that like flash drives, using Gmail as a folder, etc.  Windows has a new service that allows you to put your files in one place and access them from the internet.  It’s called Windows Live Foldershare.

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iPod and iPhone Data Recovery


With the advent of mobile devices that store ridiculous amounts of data, loss of data has become a big problem. Unfortunately, most people tend to dump loads of information on these devices and not have a backup. Of course, Murphy comes calling when folks do that and BAM, you start receiving error messages, like these on the iPhone:

  • “please connect to itunes” while restoring
  • “unknown error message (6)” on connecting with itunes
  • Error message while syncing iPhone after Leopard Upgrade to 10.5.2 : “The application Apple Mobile Sync quit unexpectedly”
  • “Error invalid number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code,” while sending mails
  • There’s the very unlikely possibility that during that restore attempt you’ll see this error message: “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred. Error 1603.”
  • “Activate iPhone- connect to iTunes” while installing iActivator
  • “repair is needed and this phone cannot receive or send calls” when you turn on your iPhone
  • “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because of an unknown error occurred (OXE000001)” on connecting to itunes
  • “Error 1603.” When you try to restore your iPhone,
  • “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred. Error 1603” while restoring using restore option in iPhone
  • “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred.” followed by an error code 1601 or 1602, When trying to restore your iPhone in iTunes

When that happens, you should start thinking data recovery because your data just went south. Fret not, you may still be able to recover that Homer Simpson ring tone.
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HP MV2020 NAS Appliance


The HP MV2020 is a good bet for a NAS box. After our flop with the Linksys NAS200, it’s a nice find. In case you have no context for NAS, let me explain. NAS is network area storage. It gives you a simple way to have storage across the network. This is becoming more important to consumers as digital media has exploded.
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Linksys Nas200 Storage Appliance


As consumer digital media explodes, we are seeing continued forays into the storage and backup market.  Enter Linksys’ Nas200 storage appliance.  This little nifty box is a pretty nice box that can satisfy basic storage requirements for most people.  Except, well, it’s performance sucks.

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Rev 560GB Native Autoloader Backup


Small to mid sized businesses will probably take a look at a solution like this. The autoloader allows for up to 8 70GB Rev drives to be loaded up. And the slots allow you to take the drives off site if you want.  Now you can cycle through a weekly backup scheme with ease.

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