You’ve probably heard some of these acronyms thrown around. Oh, and the IT world seems to run on acronyms. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. All these acronyms have to do with hard drives. They describe the way that a hard drive connects to your computer’s motherboard. That’s a broad generalization, but let’s go with that. Let’s go through them really quickly so you understand what they are.

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Cobian Free Backup Tool


I’m always in the hunt for free backup software. Luis Cobian has developed a nice backup program, aptly called Cobian Backup, that you may be interested in. 2BrightSparks also has a great backup program, but I’ll leave that for the next post.

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Recovering Laptop Hard Drive Data


There are many ways to get data off of a non bootable drive.  One such technique is to utilize Live CD’s that run an operating system independent of the hard drive.  That way you can grab what you need from it and push it over to a network drive.  But, in my mind, an even simpler way to handle it is to remove the drive and attach it to a desktop or another laptop.

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ClickFree Backup Device Eases Process

One of the really frustrating things about backup is the complexity.  Now, if you work with typical end users a lot, you will understand why most don’t back up their data.  It has to do with ease, convenience, and cost.  ClickFree is trying to solve that dilemma with a great little device that handles everything for you.

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E-Disk Altima 2.5 416GB SSD Drive


Egads, that’s a whole lot of data to cram onto a 2.5 inch drive. The drive will not be available until May of this year. Here are the product highlights:

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Samsung Announces 128GB SSD at CES


Not to be outdone by, er, itself, Samsung announced a 128GB of its solid state drive (SSD) at the 2008 CES in Las Vegas.  The announcement propels SSD as a very viable alternative to standard hard drives – one of the biggest fault components on a computer.

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Samsung 64GB Solid State Drive


And now, reviews are starting to come out about laptops utilizing solid state drives. It’s a dream come true. Afterall, hard drives are probably the most unreliable part of a computer because of its moving parts. They are also loud and inefficient. But now solid state drives are starting to make their push into the consumer market. And Samsung is one of them.

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Maxtor Fusion Network Storage


The explosive nature of digital media has pushed our storage to the limits. As such, we are becoming more and more dependent on safeguarding and sharing this digital content. And hence, the desire to do this blog. When it comes to easily accesssing and sharing content, storage mediums haven’t been very helpful. They’ve been great for, well, storing the content. Getting at that content has been another story. Maxtor put together a pretty neat product called Maxtor Fusion that aims to help folks do exactly that.

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Iomega Never Down Ships with eSata Drives


Nestled into the behemoth drive package details is a nice, new feature.  Today, Iomega announced that it will start shipping what it calls “Never Down.”

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Sentry Safe Fire and Water Proof Hard Drive


Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see a company come up with this kind of idea. Sentry Safe has come up with a fire and water proof housing for the Maxtor One Touch drive. The product is an all in one package. You don’t have to add the Maxtor drive after the fact. This is the 160GB model of the One Touch drive.

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