Look How Far Storage Has Come


Younger folks take data storage mediums for granted.  But not us “old codgers.”  Take, for instance IBM’s first hard drive – the amazing IBM 350.  I’ll let IBM tell the story.

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MySql Innodb Recovery Kit

Just a quick note to point you to this interesting new project release.  It’s an Innodb MySQL recovery toolkit.  Here are the procedures, via the howto:

  1. Split your tablespace to pages with page_parser
  2. Find your index_id values of a primary indexes for your pages.
  3. Take one page from your most valuable table directory.
  4. Create table definition for this table (automatically with create_defs.pl or manually).
  5. Try to recover some data from this one page file in debug mode.
  6. If no data was recovered, check your table_defs.h file and try again.
  7. If everything worked fine, try to run constraints_parser in normal (non-debug) mode and check your data.
  8. If data looks ok, then get all pages from your table’s directory, concatenate them (cat *.page > pages) and try to recover all your table’s data.
  9. Repeat steps 3-8 for all tables you need.

Software RAID Versus Hardware RAID

Here is the typical scenario.  A small business is looking to provide itself with a bit of redundancy on its server.  Unlike a bigger business, the small business doesn’t have a ton of extra cash laying around.  And so, they are trying to figure out if they should go with either a software RAID arrangement or a hardware RAID.  Let’s take a look.

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Seagate Drive Kills Macbook Data


Retrodata data recovery firm is reporting a critical manufacturing defect in some revisions of Seagate drives that shipped with Macbooks.  The faulty drives were manufactured in China and contain firmware revision 7.01.  You can find the revision under System Profiler > Serial-ATA.  Apple has been contacted and is investigating the issue.  I bet we are going to see some sort of replacement for these drives.

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Cutie Biometric External Hard Drive


Hauling an external hard drive around can be risky.  Really, the same could be said of flash drives.  This is especially true if that drive contains sensitive personal information.  Well, Sarotech has come out with a nice looking drive that utilizes fingerprint recognition to ensure that your data doesn’t get stolen – even if your hard drive does.

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Maxtor Ships Personal Storage 3200 Drives with Virus

Can you say “Ooops!” Maxtor recently sent out a bulletin saying that their Basic Personal Storage 3200 Drives may have shipped with a virus. It seems that a contractor in China must have put viruses on the drives. The virus tries to find passwords to online games and push them back to a server in China. China is getting a lot of bad press lately. Here is the full notice:

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Intel SS4200 NAS Home Storage

intel-ss4200.jpgIntel quotes a statistic, and I believe it, that by 2009 the average consumer will have 1 terabyte of digital data in their home. That’s due to the explosive growth of digital cameras, mp3 players, cell phones, etc. Anything that can be converted to digital media has or is going to be converted. Given that, it makes sense that Intel announced the SS4200 home/SOHO storage device.

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Fusion IO Massive 640GB SAN PCI Storage


NAND storage is making a real push into enterprise and consumer markets.  Fusion IO is an interesting company that is aiming that type of technology at the SAN, or storage area network, space.  A SAN is a “specialized network that enables fast, reliable access among servers and external or independent storage resources.” (Source: NetworkWorld)  The main concern on a SAN, besides redundancy and disaster recovery, is sheer performance.

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Western Digital 320GB Scorpio Notebook Drive


As I patiently await Solid State Drives to Take over the hard drive market, Western Digital announces a nice 320GB 2.5″ hard drive. Not bad – not bad at all. In case you are wondering, that can hold:

  • Up to 91,000 digital photos
  • Up to 80,000 songs (MP3)
  • Up to 8,000 songs (uncompressed CD quality)
  • Up to 24 hours of Digital Video (DV)
  • Up to 100 hours of DVD quality video
  • Up to 38 hours of HD video

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Free Mac Backup


I have numerous friends who are Mac addicts (sorry, couldn’t resist the pic!). Yep, they’ve gulped down the Apple juice. But one consistent feature of most computer users is that they do not backup their data. There’s no shame in it – just pain. Think about the pain of losing all those pictures, documents, presentations, contacts, emails, etc. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen. Murphy likes to come calling – and calling right when you can’t have him calling. Remember the last time you lost something on a computer because you didn’t back it up? For most of us, there was the school paper or business presentation. For love of your Mac – back it up…for free! Okay, now you have no excuse.
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